Using a Coin Grading Service

| May 31, 2022

Coin collecting has been a very popular hobby to many people of all ages. The marketing of coins has expanded widely and because of this wide the market prices of coins has varied immensely. Before, the coin market was limited to a small number of collectors and dealers. At that time coins were priced in […]

Which Coin Collecting Book?

| May 22, 2022

The handbook from the universe is one that carries all the necessary information that every coin collector needs, literally speaking. The truth is that coin collecting books are “must-haves” for every coin collector because they provide all of the necessary information in that a collector needs to succeed in this type of leisure activity. Most […]

Coin Collectors: What Types or Specialties?

| May 15, 2022

If you are a coin collector, how do you categorize yourself? There are various ways to collect coins as well as the specialties of collectors. Here is how to differentiate the variety of coin collectors.

Coin Auctions

| May 8, 2022

If you are a coin collector who wants to sell or buy coins, one good way to do it is through coin auctions or bidding. Coin auctions provide the best ways to obtain coins that have remarkable values. Coin auctions are the primary source of rare coins because most rare coin collectors want to sell […]

Accessories for Coin Collection

| May 2, 2022

When collecting coins, one thing to consider is how to arrange and take care of the coins. Coins that are collected may be antique, ancient, or limited editions coins. These coins come from many countries and are usually high in value. A collector must know how to keep and take care of them so that […]

How to Find Rare Coins

| April 27, 2022

Coin collecting was started only as a hobby for most people, however you can hear what other people say (or you probably have heard yourself) about news of people cashing in on their old coin; and that encouraged more people to go on a coin-collecting streak. If you are one of those people who want […]

Coin Collecting 101: What Type of Coin Should You Collect?

| April 24, 2022

Coin collecting is a fun hobby to start and the thrill of hunting for old coins is enough for many people to continue doing it. Other people consider coin collecting an investment, something they can receive a profit from. If you are one of those people, then you can find several types of coins in […]

A coin is worth more than a coin

| April 24, 2022

Coin collectors, old and new, have always wondered whether the coin or coins they have in their possession are worth more than the face value today – or in the foreseeable future. Even though that a coin which has little or no value monetarily is not necessarily one would not keep or make part of […]

$10 Million Valuation On Pennies

| October 6, 2012

Are you able to think about holding $10 million in pennies? Clearly perhaps if you have the actual collection of coins which was not too long ago purchased in Long Beach, California, this wouldn’t be so  hard. 288 pennies sold for $10.7 million in a public auction. The range was comprised of 301 scarce, very […]