How to find rare coins to collect

Posted By on February 19, 2023

There are several ways to find rare coins to collect:

  1. Attend coin shows: Coin shows are a great place to find rare coins. You can meet with dealers and other collectors, who may have rare coins that are not available elsewhere.
  2. Visit coin shops: Coin shops are a great place to find rare coins as well. Most shops will have a good selection of coins, including rare ones.
    • Online marketplaces: There are several online marketplaces where you can find rare coins. Some of the most popular include eBay, Heritage Auctions, and Stack’s Bowers Galleries.
    • Check coin auctions: Coin auctions can be a great place to find rare coins. You can find auctions at major auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s, or smaller regional auction houses.
    • Join a coin club: Coin clubs are a great way to meet other collectors and learn about rare coins. Members of the club may have rare coins in their collections that they are willing to sell or trade.
    • Check your change: It’s rare, but you never know when you might find a rare coin in your pocket change. Keep an eye out for coins with mint errors or other unusual characteristics.

    Remember to do your research and be careful when purchasing rare coins. Be sure to check the authenticity and condition of the coin before making a purchase.

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