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Coin Collecting 101: What Type of Coin Should You Collect?

Posted By on April 24, 2022

Coin collecting is a fun hobby to start and the thrill of hunting for old coins is enough for many people to continue doing it. Other people consider coin collecting an investment, something they can receive a profit from. If you are one of those people, then you can find several types of coins in this article that will help you determine what others are looking for.

Most coin collectors will look for only a specific kind of coin that will make their collection more valuable and interesting to buyers. Others are collecting for sentimentality and are looking more at the coin’s uniqueness.


A coin is worth more than a coin

Posted By on April 24, 2022

Coin collectors, old and new, have always wondered whether the coin or coins they have in their possession are worth more than the face value today – or in the foreseeable future.

Even though that a coin which has little or no value monetarily is not necessarily one would not keep or make part of one’s coin collection.

The following are basic factors which could influence a coin’s value.

How rare or un-rare is it?

Generally, the concept that everyone knows and follows is this: the rarer a coin the higher the coin’s worth. This rule is true in some cases and – fortunately or unfortunately – false on the others.

There was a situation where a Chinese coin, a thousand years old, sold for only a few of dollars because there were many of the thousand-year-old Chinese available. Compare this to a coin made only in 1913, a nickel specifically called a Liberty Head, which could sell for (hold your breath) one million dollars! It is known that only five of these coins exist, consequently the enormous monetary value.


$10 Million Valuation On Pennies

Posted By on October 6, 2012

Are you able to think about holding $10 million in pennies? Clearly perhaps if you have the actual collection of coins which was not too long ago purchased in Long Beach, California, this wouldn’t be so  hard.

288 pennies sold for $10.7 million in a public auction. The range was comprised of 301 scarce, very early USA pennies. Sometimes called “large cents”, these types of  vintage copper coinage are around the dimensions of today’s quarters. They had been produced in the time of George  Washington as well as Thomas Jefferson, approximately 1793 to 1814.

At the conclusion of the actual public auction, there was thirteen pennies remaining. These leftover coins were definitely anticipated to end up being bought inside a week from the public auction.

The auctioneers were definitely as astonished as the ranges seller with the costs the actual coinage was getting. Two Eighteenth century pennies smashed the actual world record for the largest price tag  obtained for a scarce penny. A nice price at $629 400. Ideally the latest owner feels as though they received their two cents  worth.